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I hope you noticed that Snowdogs 2007 rally is going to be held on a new site, near Molodetsky kurgan, not far from Zhiguli village in Samarskaya Luka. This place is as beautiful as Shiryaevo, and it is much easier to get there. If you ride from Moscow, you should turn left from M-5 route before Valy village ( Zhiguli state farm; see the photos). Approx. after 10 km you ll reach Zhiguli village and after a couple of km Molodetsky kurgan sanatorium; further there will be Volga river.


Local map

Road map

Photos of the spot







Taking into account, that Samarskaya Luka is a national park there is an insignificant rate for staing there:

For a car or other transport item - 40 rubles (1,3$).
per person - 30 rubles (1$)

"SNOWDOGS" bike rally is gathering without participation of musical groups and other accompanying entertainments (unless rural accordion players will please you with their MAD creativity). If we want, we shall go in a column, but it is not necessary. As usual we shall burn down fires, to drink and bathe in luxury of human dialogue, recollecting those who are with us and those who already is not present. Key rules of presence.

Please, do not forget, that "SNOWDOGS" is a rally on motorcycles, car traffic on the territory of camp is forbidden. Though, certainly, even for cars we shall find a place.